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Coming Of Age, Part 1 of 5 
29th-Dec-2009 10:31 pm
Merlin - Animated - Eye Sex
Title: Coming Of Age, 1/5
Author: destiny_fic
Pairing Merlin/Arthur, with a little bit of Merlin/OCs, and Arthur/OCs thrown in for drama
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 18448 for the whole fic
Spoilers:  1x01 - 1x09, it's AU from there
Disclaimer:  If I owned it Angel would have been wearing all this makeup during the first series, and we'd just be accepting that she and Bradley don't have on screen chemistry, but Bradley and Colin do like WOW.  That's not what's happening, so clearly it belongs to someone else.  I make no money on this, so please don't hurt me.
Summary: "An orgy. The celebrations for Arthur's 21st birthday were a three-day orgy."  So yeah, lots of sex...though I'll be honest, and the orgy part is pretty limited, it's mostly just Merlin/Arthur.  This is ridiculously sappy porn.  I am a sap, I'll admit it...but that'll be pretty easy to see once you've read through this.

Notes:  My first foray into the world of Merlin fic (and my longest fic to date...last one was barely 1k)...and it's Porn with a Plot.  It actually started out as a hell of a lot more porn than plot, but thanks to my wonderful bud and beta wordsdiminish, it became more plotty.  And Epic.  There's a sequel I'm already working on and a bunch of one offs after that.

This is completely AU after 1x09.  I'm pretending the rest didn't happen...unless I decide it suits my needs later.

Coming Of Age, Pt. 1

One of the many festivities leading up to Arthur’s 21st birthday and his official crowning as Prince of Camelot was a three day trip to a wood about half a days ride from the castle for all the young men. From knights to the lowest servant, every male aged fifteen to thirty would make the journey to a camp that had been set up specifically for this purpose.

For days before their scheduled departure, the castle was busy with the preparations for the festivities. Merlin noticed copious amounts of wine and ale being wheeled out on carts that were also bearing food, tents, and more pillows and blankets than he'd ever seen in one place before.

He could tell that everyone in the castle was looking forward to the celebrations, and he did mean everyone. Even people who were much too old or of the wrong gender seemed to be talking about the trip.

As he walked along the halls a few days before they departed, carrying Arthur's armor towards the armory to clean it, he overheard one of the King's advisors telling a newly arrived noble, “Yes, yes. I was lucky enough to be around for King Uther’s coming of age. Oh, the stories I could tell you.” Merlin started to turn around and try to catch the rest of the conversation, but then realized he'd look curious following after them, his arms full of armor, and obviously heading away from the armory.

The next afternoon he overheard one of the kitchen maids talking to another, “I wish it wasn’t so far away, so we could sneak out and try and catch a peek. Too bad there wasn’t a similar celebration for Morgana’s coming of age. I’d have been just the right age.” Merlin tried to listen to the rest of the conversation, but the cook who had just filled his arms with food for the prince was giving him a suspicious look, and judging it wise, he made a hasty retreat.

However, it was those men who’d spent most of their lives in Camelot and who would be attending the festivities who seemed most eager for the event. No less than three knights ended up with fairly nasty cuts during their practice regiment the day before the departure, because they were not paying close enough attention to what was happening in the session. Merlin thought he caught their gazes lingering over their counterparts with desire in their eyes, but quickly quashed that train of thought knowing he must have mistaken their intentions.

When Gareth's wound had been bandaged and he'd made his tenth apology to the prince, Arthur finally called the session to an end. “The last thing I need is any of you losing any important appendages,” he told them, a smirk on his face. They all laughed, and a few of them even winked at the prince, but Merlin didn’t know what they were on about. Losing an arm or leg didn’t seem like a laughing matter to him.

Merlin looked up and noticed Arthur was standing and staring at him expectantly. He rushed forward to take Arthur's sword and shield from him. Before the prince could speak, Merlin rolled his eyes at him and said, “Yes, yes, I know. I'm the worst manservant you've ever had.”

Arthur gave him a smirk, and turned to walk towards the castle. Merlin struggled with the weight of the items he was carrying—they really were quite heavy, not to mention awkward—and made to follow him.

“You know, Merlin,” Arthur began, and Merlin rolled his eyes again, knowing where this was going, “Most people would be honoured to serve their prince, and yet you act like it's a punishment worse than death most of the time."

"Oh no sire, I'm sorry I ever gave you that impression," Merlin retorted, his voice dripping with sarcasm. "I'm truly honored for the great gift of being able to carry your armor, or shine your shoes, or…" his voice trailed off as they turned a corner and found themselves facing King Uther.

"Arthur," said the King, clamping his hand down on his son's shoulder, "I'm glad I found you. I know you will be off early and so I just wanted to wish you a pleasant trip." Merlin found the sly grin on the King's face to be somewhat disconcerting.

"Thank you, Father," Arthur replied, and his back was to Merlin so Merlin couldn't see if Uther's grin was making Arthur as uncomfortable as it was making him, "I will do my best to enjoy the celebrations."

Another grin, and the King brushed past them without another word. Merlin turned to watch him for a moment, wondering what on earth that was all about, and then turned back to see that Arthur had continued on towards his rooms. Merlin rushed to follow him.

Once they arrived, Merlin laid down his burden, and moved to help Arthur remove his armor. He noticed that Arthur was oddly quiet, not dolling out his usual diatribes about how Merlin was doing it all wrong, and was going to end up damaging the armor, so he looked up to catch the prince watching him with an oddly contemplative look on his face.

A little disconcerted, Merlin asked, “Is there something wrong, sire?” Seeming to realize what he’d been doing, Arthur suddenly looked away and made a gesture to indicate that Merlin should continue, so he completed his task silence.

When he was finished, Arthur moved away towards the window, “I’ll want to have a bath as soon as you can have one drawn,” he said. “Bring up my supper while you’re at it. I’ll be retiring early tonight in order to be fully rested for tomorrow.” He turned back towards Merlin and considered him for a moment. “You’ll want to retire early as well. We have an early ride.”

“Yes, of course, Arthur.”

Merlin was surprised to find that not only was Arthur’s supper already prepared and waiting for him, but so was the water for his bath.

“Well of course we knew he’d want to be nice and fresh for the festivities,” said one of the girls who worked in the kitchen, winking at Merlin. “And that you’d all want early nights tonight.” She giggled as she handed him Arthur’s plates, and then promised she’d have someone up to fill the bath immediately.

Bewildered, Merlin returned to the prince's chambers to serve him his food and oversee the preparations for his bath. Once Arthur was fed Merlin helped him undress and settle into the bath, careful as always to keep his wits about him so that he didn't do something foolish like reach out and start stroking Arthur's chest. Suddenly realizing he was standing awkwardly over the bath, imagining doing just that, he turned quickly and moved to busy himself.

He knew the prince's habits and knew he would stay relaxing in the bath until the water had nearly cooled, so he took the opportunity to begin packing Arthur’s bags for the trip. After only a few moments, he heard Arthur's voice from behind him, “What are you doing?"

Turning to see that Arthur was sitting up in his bath, watching Merlin curiously, he huffed out, “What do you think I’m doing? I’m packing your bags.”

Arthur looked at the pile of clothes that Merlin was currently trying to stuff into a bag, and then at Merlin, his brow furrowed. “I won’t need all that,” he said, gesturing towards the clothes. “Just pack an extra pair of braies and the oils in my cabinet.”

Merlin looked at him incredulously. “Arthur, we’re going to be away for over three days. You can’t wear the same clothes for three days!”

Arthur had one of his patented ‘just how much of an idiot are you, Merlin’ faces on, and Merlin really hated those. “Merlin, can you for once in your life just do as you’re told and stop making everything so bloody difficult?” Before Merlin could reply Arthur laid back in the bath with his eyes closed and let out a sigh. Merlin immediately bit back his retort, and his expression softened.

He knew that although Arthur was looking forward to these next few days, he was also thinking about the return and his official crowning as Prince of Camelot: an act that would lay more of the kingdom's responsibilities on his shoulders, and allow for even less time for his just being “Arthur.” Merlin knew how much the kingdom meant to the prince, but he often resented the burdens laid on the mans shoulders and wished his friend could be more carefree.

Still confused, but deciding to actually listen to Arthur this once and just get on with it, Merlin rushed to put away the clothes Arthur had told him were not needed, and packed only what he’d asked for. When he was finished he turned to find Arthur sitting forward, holding out a cloth towards Merlin expectantly. Merlin took it from him, and moved to kneel on the floor behind Arthur in the bath. Composing himself—because helping Arthur bathe had a tendency to make Merlin a little giddy—he carefully began to wash Arthur's back.

Not thinking before he spoke, which was always a bad idea around Arthur, Merlin said, “I hope these celebrations give you a chance to relax. You've seemed tense these last few days.”

Arthur snorted, “Don't be such a girl, Merlin. Besides, I hardly think any of us will be doing much relaxing these next few days.” He laughed, and Merlin's brow furrowed in confusion. Arthur didn't elaborate, and with the mood he was in Merlin decided not to ask any questions, knowing all he'd get for his trouble was more sarcastic remarks or weird looks.

Finished with Arthur's back, he picked up the bottle full of the soap Arthur used to clean his hair, and poured a few drops onto his hands. Gently he began to work his fingers through the blonde locks, and tried to ignore the giddy feeling that rose in him when he felt Arthur lean into the touch. Once he was done, he rinsed Arthur’s hair, and helped him out of the bath, quickly grabbing a cloth to dry him off.

When he was on his knees in front of the prince—and he tried his best to ignore the many fantasies that began to present themselves—drying off his calves and feet, Merlin felt Arthur’s hand settle on his head. He looked up quickly to see Arthur looking down at him, a glazed look in his eyes. Before Merlin could even begin to try and understand what he was seeing in Arthur's eyes, the look was gone and Arthur was suddenly moving away from him and towards his bed; crawling in and turning to face away from Merlin.

“Goodnight, Merlin.”

Merlin was confused by the abrupt dismissal, and contemplated the bath before deciding it could wait till the morning. He turned to leave, and at the door he stopped briefly to say, “Goodnight, Arthur.”

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7th-Jan-2010 01:53 pm (UTC)
Poor Merlin! So adorablely sweet and clueless
13th-Jan-2010 07:06 pm (UTC)
He really kinda is. ;-)
8th-Jan-2010 09:37 pm (UTC)
Love it!

" every male aged fifteen to thirty would make the journey" - Geez, I'd probably kill myself when I turned 31 then. Heehee.
13th-Jan-2010 07:07 pm (UTC)
It wouldn't be so bad if you'd at least gotten to attend one...but if somehow you managed to miss out on one all together (your 15 years being when Arthur was a kid for instance), that would suck ass. If you were 31 and it happened? I'd cry. ;-)
17th-Aug-2010 07:32 am (UTC)
Awwwww poor clueless Merlin ^^
14th-Dec-2010 07:47 pm (UTC)
The feeling of heady anticipation of this celebration is delightful and I love this clueless, confused Merlin.
15th-Dec-2010 11:17 am (UTC)
Great story. Merlin is so clueless and cute! Poor Arthur must think Merlin doesn't want him. The boys are so cute!
31st-Aug-2011 07:29 am (UTC)
I just re-read this and loved it, but I'm sad to see there seems to be nothing about the sequel you used to talk about? Is it abandonned? I truly wish not because i would LoVE to read it!
8th-Jan-2017 09:52 am (UTC)
This is good ive read it all and i wanna know how everyone is going to react speacially uther and guias
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